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MOT checklist

There are some checks you can do yourself to help get your vehicle through it's MOT successfully and whats even better is that you dont need to be a mechanic to do these.

We know what you are thinking, that we must be crazy to offer up this advice, meaning potential loss of business to us but thats ok! 

  1. LIGHTS - Are all lights working? Do any bulbs need replacing? Some lights have a colour film on for example a breaklight would have a red film, if this peels away and allows white light through then it would fail the MOT.

  2. WHEELS & TYRES The minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central 3/4 of the tyre.  This is easy to check: most tyres have tread wear indicators - raised ridges running across the tyre in the bottom of the grooves. These are 1.6 mm high, so if the tread's worn down to the same level the tyre needs replacing before the MOT.

  3. WINDSCREEN - Are there any chips or cracks that are bigger than 10mm in the drivers view or 40mm elsewhere?

  4. WIPERS - Do they clear the windscreen or do they smear? Check the blades, are they cracked? These can be easily replaced but dont worry if you cant, we will happily help you.

  5. WASHER JETS - Nice and simple, there needs to be fluid to clear the windscreen. If empty this will fail the MOT. Sometimes the jets may be blocked so if you have filled it with fluid and it still doesnt work, let us know.

  6. FUEL CAP - Has it got a cap with a seal (emergency plastic caps not allowed as do not seal)

  7. EXHAUST - The exhaust needs to be secure to the vehicle with no holes. Does your exhaust sound louder than it normally would? This could mean there is a hole somewhere. When you go over a bump in the road can you hear a kind of rattling? The rubber mounts may have worn away.

  8. HORN - Give it a blast!! That's it!! If it doesn't work it will need replacing.

  9. MIRRORS - Are they secure to the vehicle? We dont mean being held on by sticky tape either. there should be no cracks in the mirror.

  10. BODY - A liittle rust is ok, dont panic but heavy corrosion could weaken the structure of your vehicle. All doors, including the boot and bonnet need to be able to be opened from the outside.

  11. BRAKES - There isn't really a way for you to check the brakes yourself with ease with out some specialist equipment but if you have ABS the light on the dashboard must go out when vehicle is switched on for it to pass the MOT

  12. NUMBER PLATE - Nice and easy, just make sure it is clean and readable. The letters and spacing must comply with legal requirements.

  13. SEATBELTS - Check for and cuts or fraying, do they retract freely, is the attachment on the floor secure, do they clip and unclip with ease, give them a good tug to make sure secure.

  14. EMISSIONS - The best way to ensure that your vehicles emissions will pass the MOT is to have it serviced prior to the MOT.

  15. ENGINE MANAGEMENT LIGHTS - All engine mangement lights must be off when engine is running for it to pass the MOT.

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